Frank Kane - author of Judging The Gundog Breeds
About the Author

Frank Kane has been involved in the dog show world since he was a schoolboy, showing his first Cocker Spaniel in 1960. In 1970 he acquired his first American Cocker and produced a string of champions. He became a championship show judge in 1974 and has progressed to become one of the UK’s top judges. He is approved to judge all the gundog breeds and judged the gundog group at Crufts in 2001.
Frank is also a judge of many breeds in the other groups and he is approved to judge all groups and Best in Show. His services as a judge are much in demand worldwide and Frank is recognised by the international canine body, the FCI, as a best in show judge.
Frank is author and co-author of two earlier books on his first loves – the Cocker Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel, and he is a frequent contributor to the canine press.
For the past ten years he has been a commentator on the television and internet coverage of Crufts Dog Show.
Outside the canine world, Frank’s main interests lie in horses; particularly show hacks, hunters and children’s riding ponies.

There are judges and there are those who stand in the middle of the ring. Going through the motions is not the same as judging.

Section Extracts

The Spaniels

…there are perceptions of a generic spaniel type because over a century ago spaniel litters could contain dogs which were allocated to different ‘breeds’, often determined by size or colour. Therefore, with the same blood behind many of the different breeds, it is understandable that there are some similarities…

The Retrievers

…form and function are related and all of these breeds must be equipped to do a day’s work on land and in water and the requirements of breed Standards emphasise this.  Although there is some variety in size and shape and balance, and most obviously, in the…

The Setters & The Pointer

…the traditional sporting dogs of the countrymen and were required to cover a lot of ground in the scenting out of game.  They were admired for their speed and style in working.  Whilst the Setter breeds evolved differently with the introduction of…

Hunt Point & Retrievers Breeds

…a diverse collection in shape and size but all have the same ability to do all the tasks of a working gundog: they can quarter and flush out game; they can scent and point, and they can retrieve fallen game.  For these reasons the breeds are hugely popular…

Utility Gundog Breeds

…under the umbrella of “Utility Gundog Breeds” as they do not sit comfortably with the other families within the gundog breeds who have specific demands on them when working in the field or for field trial awards. …

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    Those who have read his many articles on type, conformation and movement, and attended his lectures on these subjects, will know of his dedication to dogs in general, but gundogs are his passion and this shines through every page of his book. He is someone who really cares about our hobby and this, added to his expertise as a teacher in his career, makes him an ideal person to help other people to progress.
    Reading through the book I found wisdom on every page and this, together with some really great pictures, diagrams and silhouette charts, and the Standard for each breed, makes it a must-have book for everybody who wants to learn, and most importantly those who want to judge.
    As for me, I thought the very first paragraph was worth the purchase price!”

    Ferelith Somerfield

    Introducing Judging The Gundog Breeds by Frank Kane

    A book you will wonder why you hadn’t bought before now!